August 24, 2016



As criminal defence lawyers, we frequently attend court for our clients. Unfortunately, this often means we miss their phone calls during business hours. However, it is our policy to return the call or email as soon as possible, usually within the same day. Our legal assistant can often provide the client with the desired information if the client calls during business hours. Whenever there is a noteworthy development in a case, it is our practice to contact the client as soon as we are able, usually by telephone, to keep them informed of any progress. It is extremely important, therefore, that clients keep us up-to-date with their contact information.


Before opening a file and starting work on your case clients sign will have to sign a retainer agreement. The retainer agreement is a contract between the lawyer and the client. This agreement outlines the specific duties the lawyer will perform on your file and the nature of the solicitor-client relationship. The agreement specifies the lawyer’s hourly rate and the amount of money required to start the case in the beginning known as a retainer. The Retainer Agreement will be provided for review at the first meeting and the client is open to take the time to review the agreement and ask any questions about the agreement. Once it is signed and the retainer is paid, the lawyer can get on record as counsel for the client.


As lawyers we are bound to uphold solicitor-client privilege. When you discuss your case with us, we are legally bound to protect your privacy, and we will not disclose to anyone what you tell us about your case.


Lawyers are not able to act if there is a conflict of interest between them and their clients. Conflict of interests can arise when I have acted for a client in the past that is related to the case being presented by a new client. When there is a conflict with the case being presented to me by a new client I will decline to provide legal advice and advise that I have a conflict, but I will provide a referral to allow the new client to obtain legal advice.


If you retain us to represent you on your criminal charges, we will advise you fully at each step of the court process. We will also clearly advise you of our very competitive fee schedule.