January 6, 2017

Nikki Hunter, Barrister & Solictor

Hunter, Hunter & Burns is a third generation law firm. It started in 1911 when A.L.P. Hunter started practicing law at the Birks Building in Vancouver, B.C. Back then, a lawyer did not go to school and earn a degree, but studied and worked under the supervision of another lawyer. Mr. Hunter practiced for many years, and after WWII, a new law school opened at UBC and Mr. Hunter’s son, Douglas L. Hunter attended and was in the first graduating class of UBC. Hunter & Hunter came into existence when the father and son started practicing together in the early 1950s.

By 1997, Brian’s wife, Nikki Hunter, was in law school, and she graduated in 2000. It was given that she would practice with Brian; however, her interests were mostly criminal defence work. Brian continued his estate and real estate work, and Nikki articled with a criminal law firm and then joined him at the office in South Surrey. Nikki did mostly criminal work, but family law┬áissues kept coming up in her practice, so she decided to expand into that field. Of course, estate litigation was a natural fit as well, and Nikki decided to include that in her practice. Brian and Nikki were enjoying their professions when Brian was diagnosed with cancer in December 2005. Brian would survive for three and a half years, and Nikki kept the practice going as best as she could during that time. Unfortunately, Brian passed away on May 20, 2009.

Nikki took some time off and then threw herself into the practice. She took over Brian’s estate practice and continues to prepare estate planning documents such as wills and power of attorney, as well as probating estates, and continues with her own practice in criminal and family.

Three years ago, Nikki Hunter and Aaron Burns decided to share office space, and this relationship has worked out great. Nikki is now easing into retirement, but continues to work on estate and family files.