November 17, 2016

Aaron Burns, Barrister & Solicitor

Aaron Burns graduated from UBC Law in 2009 and articled with a prominent Surrey criminal law firm obtaining significant experience in all levels of criminal law.

After articling he decided to start his own business and build his own law practice. During the first two years of his practice he focused on criminal law, where he gained significant trial experience. He subcontracted with the Public Prosecution Service of Canada doing prosecutions on drug offenses and federal regulatory offences. He gained experience building a case as a prosecutor and breaking down cases as a defence lawyer. He also gained significant experience with constitutional issues.

Aaron obtained a bachelor degree in psychology from UBC. He focused on forensic, clinical, and social psychology. He was educated in why people behave the way they do and how people perceive others.

Prior to entering law school he was employed as a surety underwriter for an insurance company whose rule was to analyze the financial stability of construction companies in order to determine whether or not they had suitable solvency to be bonded. This provided him with significant experience in analyzing financial statements, tax information and financial data, and understanding the valuation of assets to determine a company’s financial strength.

After his first two years as a lawyer, he expanded his practice to include family law. He became involved in complex family cases that were litigated in Supreme Court. Family law was a natural extension because of his education and psychology background, his experience in dissecting financial documentation, and his litigation experience . He has traveled across British Columbia to deal with family law cases in different jurisdictions.

He has experience in regulatory law dealing with Motor Vehicle Act infractions, such as traffic tickets and immediate roadside prohibitions related to drinking and driving. He has represented clients in Mental Health Review Board hearings. He has also litigated civil claims in Supreme Court.

In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family, including his 2 small kids. He also loves his movie collection and is very knowledgeable in movie trivia.